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Welcome to Chuck's home page, since March 2014 I am working at Metro Machine Works as a Quality engineer and doing work station audits in the machine shop, created database where results of audits are stored and use information to generate reports. I am creating a weld wire certification database and the goal is to better track the certification process. I have been introducing some elements of the PFMEA into their process.

From April 2011 to October 2013 I worked at GM Tech Center as a contractor within the MAAC Execution group I am doing system support work for Stature database where PFMEA documents are stored. In addtion I facilitated workshops and setup auditing procedures to spot check PFMEA documents, generate reports and send them to management.

I was retired as Senior Manufacturing Project Engineer for GM Powertrain as of April 2009. My last assignment was working with PFMEA documentation, facilitating and ran online training of GM personal in using PFMEA software tools & documents.

Prior to that I was involved with four axes CNC production machining lines at the GM Powertrain Livonia Engine plant. I have taken part in the installation and integration of CNC machining lines at various plants. In my working time I have been working with NC equipment in one form or another since 1968. My job specialty was CAD/ CAM software and interfacing this data to CNC machine. I have also setup and taught programming classes at both High School and College level.

As an Amateur Radio operator, I am currently hold the Amateur Extra class licence.  I now enjoy QRP, operating portable, Packet, and CW traffic nets.  I have been a Volunteer Examiner (VE) since 1995 and I am currently a VE with the ARRL/VEC with the Arrow club, Ann Arbor, MI. They have session the second Saturday of the month and reservations are required. I find it is a great way to give something back to the hobby.

I am a member of the Garden City Amateur Radio Club. Since joining in January 2010 and I have enjoyed taking part in field day with the club. I worked a CW station from midnight to 4 AM it is always a blast. I am looking forward to more of the future activities.

I decided to bring this page back and give my critique [written 2001] on the PW-1 antenna. The PW-1 has been replaced by a more up to date version, but I still enjoy digging this model out and using it.

I came home from working a field day in 2000 and while the memory was still fresh I put some things down on paper. The article was not picked up by club and I thought I would share it here. Field Day 2000

I belong to the following groups: MI QMN Net; MI-QRP Club #M1212; Flying Pigs QRP #113 SOC #445 SKCC #12476

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